About Us

Integrate-Engage are part of the Serio group of companies, who have been around since 1997.

We at Integrate-Engage have been in operation since 2012.

Our mission
Our mission is to create tools that add value to independent software vendors (ISVs), by enabling them to better retain the customers they have and to increase the uptake on evaluation/demonstration installations.
We understand that many of your customers are hidden behind firewalls and that you require something from us that is robust, reliable and lightweight - and is easy to include as part of your regular installation program.
We are based in central Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. We do all of our development from here, and the developers of Integrate-Engage are right next door to the support staff - so we think if you need help with the integration, or have some super-detailed question, we would expect to be able to help.
In fact, all of our support staff have had to create applications in a number of programming languages from scratch that use our API in it's entirety - just using the help manual contained within our Software Development Kit (SDK)
As a cloud-based service provider, we have points of presence close to where both you and your customers are, for best possible performance. We have servers at 3 locations in the UK and across Europe, in the United States (East and West) and in Australia, with a site coming on-stream in UAE IN 2018.

What is Integrate-Engage?

What is Integrate-Engage?

Integrate-Engage is an API (Application Programming Interface) for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who create, market and sell desktop applications for Windows.

It allows the ISV's own technical and pre-sales support teams to collaborate directly with the ISV's customers and sales prospects directly through the application itself.
The API knows when your support teams are logged in and ready to help customers. Using this knowledge your application can then offer a 'click for help' or 'click for support' button. When the user clicks help, they can text chat with you, and you can initiate two-way screen sharing to show them how to resolve the issue they have.
Integrate-Engage works straight away through firewalls without any reconfiguration of your customer's network, or your own.
The API is small and lightweight, and easy to deploy as part of your application.