Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integrate-Engage?

Integrate-Engage enables you to provide a help button for your software application. Integrate-Engage enables software companies to integrate access to live support into a desktop application using chat, 2-way screen sharing and file sharing in times when you are available to help customers. Integrate-Engage works across the enterprise and across firewalls.

How much will it cost?

Integrate-Engage is competitively and affordably priced and used by large software houses as well as one-man development shops – see our pricing page.

How long will it take to integrate Engage?

Typically Integrate-Engage is integrated into desktop applications written in .Net, C++, Java and others within hours. We supply a number of worked examples in different programming languages.

Will Integrate-Engage work through our customer's firewall?

Yes. Integrate-Engage works straight away through most firewalls without any reconfiguration of your customer's network, or your own.

Will Integrate-Engage interfere with my software? Will it slow it down in any way?

No. The library is small and lightweight.

How can I be sure that my customers will use Integrate-Engage?

Application developers that offer Integrate-Engage using the Integrate-Engage style guidelines typically find it is the preferred method of support for customers in around 50% of cases – beating the telephone or email by a wide margin.

How will our customers know that we are there to take their Integrate-Engage Call?

Integrate-Engage knows when your pre-sales or support staff are logged in and ready to go. It only offers the service when they are ready.

What if we find ourselves short staffed and unable to take Integrate-Engage calls?

Your reps will be able to take as many Integrate-Engage calls as they wish at any given time and to have as many screen sharing windows opens as they wish.

How will I know that the people who use Integrate-Engage are in fact my customers?

It is easy to set a variety of user attributes in your own application to identify your customers when the Integrate-Engage session begins.

Is this just for web-based apps?

No. Integrate-Engage is designed for software applications installed on the desktop where there is client-side software like yours.