Enabling software developers to integrate access to a live support hotline
direct from a desktop application.

Offer support through your own software

Customers who get stuck using desktop software often struggle to find out where they can access support. They may have to email the supplier, search for web-based support or call a helpline.

Now users can simply click on the Integrate-Engage support button within the software for immediate help – the live support button will indicate when there is a support person available.

Stand out from your competitors

The software development market is highly competitive. Customers are looking for software that is easy to use and comes with excellent support.

Integrate-Engage is a groundbreaking innovation that allows software developers to stand out from the crowd by integrating access to live support into your own software – improving profit levels and ultimately making more money.

Save on support time

Sometimes the only way to help a user is to have the support person demonstrate what to do on the user’s screen.

Desktop sharing is easy from within the Integrate-Engage support button and works through customer firewalls. No need to email your customers a URL and wait for them to sort out a desktop sharing download.

Drive pre-sales and customer retention

Many vendors promote evaluation software online to get people interested in their product.

The Integrate-Engage support button is a good way for pre-sales staff to interact with prospects and make sure that someone trying out an evaluation copy goes on to buy the full product. Post-sales interaction though Integrate-Engage will iron out issues and ensure customer retention.

Improves customer service
Integrate-Engage integrates seamlessly with your software allowing your customers to request support by simply clicking a button within the software for a quick and painless customer support experience. Integrate-Engage motivates your customers to get in touch and keeps lines of communication open post-sales.
Easy to integrate
It is easy to integrate the Integrate-Engage live support button into your software application within hours. Integrate-Engage is a cloud-based solution so it deploys quickly and is hassle free with no server setup needed. Integrate-Engage can integrate with applications written in a variety of languages including .Net, C++ and Java.
Increases First Time Fix rate
Integrate-Engage allows software vendors to resolve issues first time around, at the time the customer is having a problem, by accessing the customer’s machine through built-in desktop sharing. Integrate-Engage works through firewalls and does not interfere with your software application.
Innovative and effective
Integrate-Engage is truly innovative, offering a leading edge software application-based help button solution as opposed to a web-based help facility. Customers will appreciate being able to get in touch direct from the application without having to go online or look for phone numbers.
Support at times to suit
Integrate-Engage is available to users whenever you want it to be. It is straightforward to switch the live Integrate-Engage button on or off to match your advertised support times or staff availability. At the same time it frees up phone lines and email inboxes from simple issues that could have been easily resolved on the spot.
Efficient customer communications
Integrate-Engage allows you to identify your customers when they click the support button. There is no need to delay things with a clumsy customer identification process. Integrate-Engage tells the support person which customer they are talking to, as that information is sent direct from the software application.